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3DVista Stitcher, like the other 3D Vista products, has a lot of hidden power. When the program is first run you're given six different pano project types to select from: multi-shot single row, Circular fisheyes, semi-circular (cropped) fisheyes, full frame fisheyes and ultra wide angle, single shot donut, and cubic.

Each selection brings up more options. Select "circular fisheye" and you're asked if it's for a Nikon converter or Raynox converter. Next you're asked if you are using one, two, or three images. Next you select the images, then specify an automatic resize (you can stay with 100%.)

After the images load, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma. You can also rotate images, correct pitch, color correct automatically and force the FOV (so even if it's not a Nikon or Raynox, you can manually set this.) Stitching can be automatic or manual.

If you select automatic, all you need to do is set the photo area for the first image (basically so the program can tell the photo from the surrounding black area.) For manual, you need to set control points.

The "automatic" mode, like all the others I have seen, needs some help with the final product. This is done with a visual image adjuster, where you your mouse over an image, and it's rewarped live.

The program also allows you to load and size your tripod and ceiling caps. Finally you set the image quality and save it (.JPG is the only save option.)

Overall it's a good, very solid program, albeit expensive.

http://www.3dvista.com/ --Add360.com 02:37, 30 Oct 2005 (EST)