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3D vista is a commercial package available from http://www.3dvista.com/ and some web retailers. The complete package can run over $800, but the tour builder (3D Vista Show) alone is around $300.

This is another wizard based, basic interface � with many options hidden behind manual settings. You can create a slideshow, video or panorama tour. The tour can be one image or many.

The software supports floor plans / maps but not a compass. Publishing options include Java, activeX, executable for CD or Email and ftp upload. When publishing, you can select "automatic" or "manual". Manual has a lot of options, while automatic is, well, automatic. Just pick a skin and go! The program also creates the HTML files for you.

3D vista has several programs. For example, 3Dvista Show also supports tours, custom skins, and can export Flash and Shockwave based files, albeit with limitations.

See a sample tour here: http://www.add360.com/archangels/virtual_tours/tours-vista/tour_java.htm

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