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The PanoTools Next Generation list (PanoToolsNG) is the most active and vibrant place on the Internet to discuss PanoTools, panoramic imaging, and related technologies and techniques. If you're looking for information about PanoramaTools, front-ends such as PTGui, hugin, or PTAssembler, or companion apps such as enfuse or enblend, this is a great first stop. Come on in and join us!


Please note that the usage of the PanoTools NG list - either as a member or a non-member - is subject to the User Guidelines. Please read carefully


You are welcome to join the list. To do so, create your own free Yahoo groups ID at Then surf to the PanoTools mailing-list homepage and click the button Join this Group.


The traffic volume of PanoToolsNG is about 20 to 40 messages a day. There are several ways to read the list. Note that you must be a member in order to write to the list, no matter which way to read you use.


You can choose to receive individual messages or a daily digest as E-mail from Yahoo in various formats.


  • You can read and write on Yahoo
  • There are a couple of approved Message Archives, some containing the predecessors of PanoToolsNG, too.
  • There is a nice customizable interface (including threaded view) on Nabble with read and write access.