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Full Name

Serge Maandag


Playing around and enjoying creative approaches to problems.

Current Kit

Nikon D70s Camera and a Nikkor 10.5mm lens
Manfrotto 055 CLB tripod and 410 geared camera head
Nodal Ninja 3 panorama bracket A pair of good eyes


I'm somewhat of a dinosaur on the panotools mailing list. I joined in 2001, at which time I did not know GUIs for the panorama tools existed. Therefore I painstakingly tought myself how to optimize and stitch using script files on a msdos command line. As soon as I had discovered PtGui, I gladly paid a few bucks for it and never used the command line scripting again. Lately I have begun trying the excellent hugin package. Simply because it's fun doing it all with free tools.


My panorama home page is This one, it's sparsely updated and mainly shows my holiday panoramas.
To see one of my more original approaches to view a panorama, click here.

Other Interests

3d photography. I take 2 images a few centimeters apart from each other, line them up on my computer and print them out as anaglyph images (red-blue glasses) or next to each other for parallel viewing. To line up the images I use the panorama tools optimizer. I'll add the procedure to this wiki later.