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Short Biography

  • Name(DOB) : Aman Parnami(09/04/1985)
  • Country : India
  • Education : 4th year Dual Degree Student in Computer Science Department of IIT Bombay
  • Master's Field : Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing
  • Relevant Courses : Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Project Experience :
    • Panaromic Mosaicing : Implemented in C++ using vision libraries
    • Selective cutting of images and pasting : Implemented in C++ using Opencv
    • Gradual Shot Detection in Video Retrieval :
      • Implemented in Matlab
      • Got selected in ICVGIP 2006 under the title Reducing False Positives in Video Shot Detection Using Learning Techniques for poster presentation.
    • Similar paper submitted TrecVid 2006 : IITBOMBAY at TrecVid
    • Other projects in Networking, Databases, Object Oriented Systems, operating Systems, Computer Graphics
    • Skills :
      • Programming Languages : C++/C, Matlab, Java, Html etc.
      • Operating Systems : Linux(Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu), Windows Xp
      • Interfaces : Matlab, Eclipse, Weka(learning tool) etc.
  • Motivation : For more than an year I have been working with Vision and Graphics team at IIT Bombay, which has exposed me to wide horizon of possibilities in this field. In the process of serving my insatiable desire to explore this field I came across your site and found it a