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Since March 2005, when buying a Canon Powershot A95, I did start to actually explore how to combine several photos into a panorama image. First with the program that came with the camera, but very soon I found that lacking in quality, and after a few tries I am now holding onto hugin and enblend.

I do have earlier photos, for example a photo series in the Chartreuse mountain range of the French Alps that should nicely fit together into a 360 degrees panorama. With photos taken in 1988, I actually had done a hardware cut and paste at the time, but I still have to scan the slides to make a real seamless image on the computer. I also have many more digital photos as raw material which I have not yet turned into panoramas.

Following the development of the open and free panoramic software, I hope my comments do help of improving these program bundles and maybe I see features implemented I desire, despite myself not engaging into the coding effort - maybe I should brush up my skills there. But (time permitting as always) I am happy to test-run the programs, and also help with postings and maybe tutorial writing.


making panoramic images is about:

  • Photography Guidelines - taking photos the right way
  • Stitching - computing the panoramic image: Remapping, Exposure Adjustment, and Blending
  • Viewing and Publishing - exploiting the panoramic image potential

some more stuff: