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Really necessary?

Stitching from shift lenses has been discussed often on the various discussion lists. Conclusion: It is not necessary to go through all the hassles, since panotools (hugin, PTGui etc.) is able to provide a perfectly perspective corrected result from a classical panorama. See Perspective correction for details. However, the DoF area will be different from a shifted version of course. So stitching shifted images is only necessary if you want to use this effect.

Another downside is lens distortion. It usually is heavy for wide angle DSLR shift lenses due to retro focus construction, but there is no possibility for panotools to determine it from the overlap region like this is the case for a classical panorama.

Stitching images from a tilted lens is very hard or even impossible, since focusing distance and hence magnification changes throughout the image. --Erik Krause 13:33, 10 August 2011 (UTC)