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Hello all, I am a photographer who is currently processing hundreds of my images for a book, and was delighted to discover enfuse and its high-quality method of blending exposures. This page is obviously not the right place for this kind of discussion, but I would like to correspond with others on their experience with enfuse. In particular, I would like to gain a detailed understanding of the parameters, especially those added in version 3.2. I've made a few discoveries myself, which I would like to share. Is there an appropriate forum for this kind of discussion? Or perhaps you can email me at - Mark S. Abeln

Yes. enfuse is discussed and developed on the hugin-ptx mailing list: There is an enblend/enfuse forum on sourceforge as well, but it is centered around development and has little traffic. --Erik Krause 21:43, 20 October 2008 (CEST)