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Pto_mask can add mask to Hugin .pto project files.

The general use is:

   pto_mask [switches] --mask=mask.msk@imgNr input.pto

--mask=mask.msk@imgNr Load the mask from the file named mask.msk and apply it to the image with the number imgNr. The mask file can be generated from the mask tab - Save mask. This switch can be specified several times to add several mask at once.


  • -o|--output output.pto Output a pto file with the given filename. If not given it will append "_mask" to the input filename.
  • --rotate=CLOCKWISE|90|COUNTERCLOCKWISE|-90 Rotates the mask 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise before apply the mask to the image.
  • --process=CLIP|SCALE|PROP_SCALE Processing options, if the mask size does not correspond to the image size
    • CLIP Does clip the mask at the image borders.
    • SCALE Scale the mask independently at x and y scale to fit inside the image.
    • PROP_SCALE Scale the mask proportional to fit inside the image.
  • -h | --help Display help.