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pto_gen assembles a Hugin .pto project file that is suitable as input for further tools such as the cpfind control-point generator, or for opening with the Hugin panorama GUI itself. Functionality is similar to match-n-shift.

The general use is

   pto_gen *.jpg

This creates a project file from all jpg images, in the same folder as the first photo. The project file is named first_file-last_file.pto using the same convention as the Hugin GUI.


  • -o | --output output.pto Output a pto file with the given filename (instead of the default).
  • -p | --projection number Sets the projection type for all images (0 - rectilinear, 2 - equirectangular, 3 - full-frame fisheye, ...).
  • -f | --fov number Sets the horizontal field of view for all images. Useful if your lens does not store the focal length and/or crop factor correctly in the EXIF data.
  • -c | --crop left,right,top,bottom Sets the input images crop to the given values.
  • -s | --stacklength number Sets the number of images in each stack (default: automatic detection of stacks).
  • -l | --linkstacks When given links the image positions in stacks.
  • --distortion Tries to load distortion data for the images from the lens database.
  • --vignetting Tries to load vignetting data for the images from the lens database.
  • --sort By default the images are added to the pto file in order as given on the command line. With the --sort switch the images are ordered alphanumerical before adding to the project file.
  • -h | --help Display help.

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