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HTML5 based Viewers


  • Syborg Rooms exports virtual tours in flash and html5. Based on the users device the export shows the supported format.
  • VR5 Pano Viewer. You need to prepare the images to him (cube faces in 2 resolutions: 1024px & 480px. Can redirect to your standard player in case the browser is not on an iPad/iPhone. (Free for personal use.)
  • Pannellum Very lightweight HTML 5 open source viewer featuring embedding support, configuration using URL parameters, title and author information, multiresolution support, and full screen support among other things.
  • Leanorama. A free and open source viewer for Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari, iPad, iPhone, Android 3+). Allows simple definition of virtual tours in JavaScript. Will stretch cube faces of any size to 1024*1024px - so larger panoramas probably won't make sense. Documentation and download on GitHub


  • Syborg Rooms Pro Version
  • KRPano is a Flash 9 & 10 & HTML5 based panorama viewer with a wide range of configuration options. These include different projections such as stereographic ('little planet'), fisheye, Vedutismo, and 'architectural'. It can handle cubefaces, equirects and QTVR .mov files, and it can embed other media including audio and FLV videos into panoramas.

Stand alone Viewers

Stand alone Viewers
Name Description Lizence Windows macOS Linux iOS Android
FSPViewer A free hardware accelerated stand alone viewer by Fulvio Senore that supports ICC color profiles Freeware x x x
PanoGLView A is an Open Source hardware accelerated stand alone viewer for Equirectangular Projection images GPL x x x
PTViewer The original standalone viewer created by Helmut Dersch in C for X-Windows available from one of the mirrors (Linux) or the 3.2 version in compiled Java from his page ? x x x
Videopanoramas Player A stand alone version panorama viewer. Freeware x
freepv A standalone hardware accelerated QTVR viewer as well as a plugin. OpenSource x
Panini An open source panoramic image viewer and perspective tool for all Qt platforms, including Linux, Windows, OSX. It can display files in many panoramic formats. Your video driver must support OpenGL version 1.5, 2.0 for full functionality. Get Panini at [1], build on macOS or build on other unixes. GPL x x x
lux FOSS multiplatform image and panorama viewer. openGL-based, versatile, configurable, scriptable. Also supports viewing, stitching, fusing of many PTO files. Readymade binaries available at [2]. GPLv3 x x x
Panorado A full-featured image viewer/browser supporting panoramas (JPEG & QTVR). Shareware x
PURE Player for Windows A free standalone version of PURE Player viewer for Windows OS that supports cylindrical, spherical and cubic panoramas. Freeware x
VR Media Player - 360° Viewer For Android is a free app. Open 360° picture and movie files from local storage and from online locations. It supports Google DayDream headsets. Free to use x
iPano For iPhone and iPad, awesome pano viewing app. Lets you keep a high res portfolio (8192 x 4096). ? x
PangeaVR For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is an app that plays panoramas (max. 2048x1024px equirects on iPhone/iPod, 4096x2048 on iPad) using OpenGL. The standard version of PangeaVR is free, the Pro version (which can store panoramas locally for offline viewing) costs $5.99. Commercial x
PPV360HD (aka Professional Panoramic Viewer 360 HD) A commercial full-featured Android (from 2.0) App by Andridea (author is Andrea de Carolis) to view Panorama up to 2.27GigaPixel (max 65000x32000) on tablets/smartphones with Kinetic Rotation, full pinch and zoom, tagging. Take a jpeg (equirectangular/cylindrical, full or semi panoramic) and processes it with its own multi-tiles generator, and view them offline with its hardware accelerated 3d viewer. User can change FOV, vert/horiz degree and many options (developer site). There'is also a free demo available, with some limitations. Developers offer the possibility to build Virtual Tour App. Commercial x

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