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noiseRemove (German)

Helper program. Averages multiple exposures for noise suppression. Could also be used to combine bracketed pictures of an exposure row.

To reach the greatest possible accuracy, the intern computation is based on the data type "long" (32-Bit integer, 96-Bit for RGB). Pictures with 8-bit are spread to 16-bit before the computation.

Input: 16-bit Tiff or any format that is loadable under Quicktime.

Output: 8-bit Tiff or 16-bit Raw.

Stephan Stoske is the author of this software

Supported systems and requirements

  • Windows - Quicktime is needed for opening input images other than 16-bit Tiff.
  • Mac

Licensing terms and pricing

Look at this site. (German)

Community Resources

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External Resources

Recommended articles on Stephan Stoske's site:

  • Digitale Aufnahmen per CCD (German)
  • Rauschunterdr�ckung statischer Szenen (German)
  • Belichtungsreihe: Besser als RAW (German)
  • Erweiterte Dynamik (German)


Screenshots are available at the end of the noiseRemove-site.

User Comments

If your camera isn't capable of producing raw-files, this software helps! Put in your bracketed 8-bit exposures and get back an averaged raw-file, which can be opened and converted to 16-bit Tiff in Photoshop.

Easy to use:

  • Start
  • select 8-bit or 16-bit output
  • Specify the folder with your bracketed exposures

That's all.

--t.rist 12:24, 9 Dec 2004 (MEZ)