Multi image techniques

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There are several use cases to merge several image into one. This page lists some of them.

Moved camera variants

For these applications the camera is moved and several images are shoot in different directions. Possible applications are:

  • Classic panorama: increase field of view
  • Gigapixel panorama
  • Brenizer method: decrease depth of field (DOF), also called Bokeh panorama

Single stack variants

Here the same scene is shoot with different settings. The applications covers e.g.

  • HDR generation (exposure stack)
  • Extend dynamic range by exposure fusion (exposure stack)
  • Extend depth of field (DOF) (focus stack)
  • Noise reduction
    • averaging (of several images of the same scene, shoot with same settings)
    • zero-noise technique
  • Super Resolution: sub pixel offset stacking
  • Tourist Removal
    • Automatic calculation with median
    • Manual with multi masking
  • Visualize movement
  • Lightning improvement by combining flash/no-flash images
  • Saturation enhancement by polarization Series

Video technique

Also a video can be used as input for some techniques, e.g.

  • Panorama (increased field of view)
  • Video (post) stabilization
  • Noise reduction