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Feature proposal from hugin-ptx

A new Preferences pane is suggested for hugin, with input field for saving path for projects and input field for saving panorama(s) (and more input fields for default (saving) path for other "things" like lens parameters?). Radio buttons or Drop-down menus would fit the need for choosing 1 out of N options.

This addition is suggested for hugin 0.7.1

Hugin > Preferences > Workflow

On hugin startup open on

  • Assistant tab
  • Images tab

New project file

Save project file dialogue opens on
  • input images directory
  • previous project file directory
  • custom directory
Suggested project file name is
  • blank
  • first_image_name-last_image_name
  • current date and time
  • name of directory where the project file is stored
Here it would be cool to have some sort of expandos / regexp thing, e.g. %d1 %d2 %d3 would be the first, second, and third level directory.

Specify output prefix

Dialogue window opens on
  • input images directory
  • project file directory
  • previous output directory
  • custom directory
Suggested output prefix is
  • blank
  • project file name prefix
  • current date and time
  • custom (possibly with an expando that could look like %d4%d5.tif)

Output prefix dialogue

  • show dialogue window to specifiy output prefix
  • automatically set output prefix based on existing rules


  • Maybe someone can come up with a better name than "Workflow".
  • For an existing pto file, the "Save as" dialogue should open with that directory and that name.
  • For the output prefix, the suggested name could be (partly) highlighted (possible in OSX), and if one types away, the highlighted default clears. If you want to edit the suggested name, click on it first or use left-arrow or right-arrow as first key stroke.