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This is a short introduction for the special <pano> tag

You can embed panoramas into the Wiki pages with different viewer technologies. Currently Quicktime, PTViewer, DevalVR, SPi-V and Flash are supported. To embed a panorama you need to upload the image, .mov or .swf file.

You can embedd the panorama for example with the following tag:

<pano file="" width="500"  height="350" scale="tofit" controller="true" cache="true" />

The result will look like this:

The Wiki uses javascript to embbed the panorama to aviod problems resulting from Microsoft Internet Explorers EOLAS fix.

To change the viewer technologie simple add viewer attibute to the tag. Possible values are


The default value is quicktime. Flash uses a different technology

All other parameters except file, width and height are transparently forwarded to the plugin. To link the plugin with an uploaded file in the wiki you have to start the filename with 3 slashes for example:

hotspot="///Hotspot.gif" ---> hotspot="/wiki/images/6/61/Hotspot.gif"

Other technologies