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The World Wide Panorama (often abbreviated as wwp) was started in March 2004 by G. Donald Bain, the then Director of the Geography Computing Facility, University of California at Berkeley. It has since become an ongoing series of events and attracts artists from a large number of countries.

Visitors can reach the project website via which originally was hosted on a server of the Geo-Images Project at The WWP is now run by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation (a non-commercial project).


Participation is open to everyone, interpretations of the theme have to be uploaded as cylindrical or spherical panoramas. The required file format is JPEG.

Photography takes place during a time frame of three month before and after the solstices (longest and shortest days of the year) and equinoxes (days and nights of equal length). The last event of each year is usually a Best Of the respective year.

Event themes are chosen by the organizers, which are open for suggestions about new themes. The WWP facebook group is the preferred forum for the communication between interested artists and notices from the organizers. A mailing list at can also serve as a forum for those not wanting to join facebook. Both groups are also helpful if you run into technical problems during the preparation period.

Contribution server

As soon as photography period for each event starts the contribution server is opened for submissions and ready to accept new accounts. That server is located at and is used to upload panorama (and sound) files as well as to edit panorama captions, further information plus a personal page for each member.

File sizes

  • Panorama image: JPEG, RGB, max. 30,000 pixels, max. 15 MB
  • Audio file (optional): max. 2 MB

An optional soundtrack should be uploaded separately as a MP3 file and can be set to loop in the editing window. More on file requirements can be found on


WWP contributor Tim Hatch set up a script to collect stats about the equipment used for every event until 2010. They are available at both as HTML (linked to the entries, so comparing camera/lens combinations is quite easy) and as CSV (for those who want to do their own analysis).