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Basic Library

Most software listed on this page will need the pano12.dll library to work. You will find the pano12.dll library with the Panorama Tools

Stitching Software

Panorama Tools is a high quality Open Source panorama stitching software package.

Hugin(free, Open Source GUI)

PTAssembler (shareware)

PTGUI (shareware)

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Autopano automatically identifies control points. Works with Hugin, PTAssembler, PTGUI

Enblend overlays images so to make the seam invisible. Works on the command line or as a plug-in for Hugin and PTGUI

Remallax removes some parallax prior to stitching. Just a project, nothing usable available

Enblend Front End simplifies the use of Enblend

APClean is a program that can be used to quickly remove wrong control points (sometimes created by Autopano) from a PTGui project file. It can also be used to see which image pairs are linked by control points.

Photoshop plug-ins

Gimp plug-ins



FSPViewer: a fast viewer for local, high resolution panoramic images.

SPi-V Hardware accelerated full screen viewer based on Shockwave 3D with very smooth movement and possibilities for special effects.

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Non-Panoramic use

PT Shift chromatic aberration determination

PT Lens lens distortion correction


QImage is a commercial tool for printing up to 100.000 pixels wide images on roll paper even across paper size limitations (on some printers)