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(photoshop plug-ins)
(photoshop plug-ins)
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== photoshop plug-ins ==
== photoshop plug-ins ==
There are some in the original [[Panorama Tools]] by [[Helmut Dersch]]
* There are some in the original [[Panorama Tools]] by [[Helmut Dersch]]
* [[PT Lens]] free lens distorsion correction.
[[PT Lens]] free lens distorsion correction.
* [[Contrast Masking Actions]] lightens shadows and darkens highlights.
* [[Contrast Blending Actions]] combine a bracketed series of images to extend dynamic range.
== viewers ==
== viewers ==

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Basic Library

Most software listed on this page will need the pano12.dll library to work. You will find the pano12.dll library with the Panorama Tools

Stitching Software

Panorama Tools is a high quality Open Source panorama stitching software package.

Hugin(free, Open Source GUI)

PTAssembler (shareware)

PTGUI (shareware)

Anything else?


Autopano automatically identifies control points. Works with Hugin, PTAssembler, PTGUI

Enblend overlays images so to make the seam invisible. Works as a plug-in for Hugin and PTGUI

Remallax removes some parallax prior to stitching. Just a project, nothing usable available

Enblend Front End simplifies the use of Enblend

photoshop plug-ins


can somebody please link to Fulvio's viewer and other tools?

Non-Panoramic use

PT Shift chromatic aberration determination

PT Lens lens distortion correction