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Survey Software The Magic Survey Tool is a web based survey application that allows you to create and take online surveys in a variety of ways. With it you can provide surveys to your respondents through the web, email, or even through a simple but intuitive PDA application.


The survey software by Magic Survey Tool was developed by Webmyne Systems. This was developed by the team of expert Web developers as well as the experts in the field of SEO and was developed by consulting the experts in this field to have the positive impact on the current survey organizations. It not only sells the survey software but also gives the useful information so as to make it a useful browsing experience.

Traditional Survey Method

Live question and answer interviews were once the most accurate form of information gathering available. Although time consuming and costly method, face to face survey data were collected almost looked on as scientific fact. Questionable truths, the interviews were the most reliable tests simultaneously, and were considered to provide the most accurate because data because the questions could be very long and the interviewer could get a response from the deeper issue.

But that has changed radically over the last twenty years. Telephone surveys, direct mail, and especially the Internet have all but destroyed this once, all-powerful form of surveys. Most often, a survey or even an online survey is made much more profitable even though the data will not be collected from certain population groups.

Web Survey Software

The use of the survey software in the world of businesses increases quickly and with the increase in the range of the application the programmers of software innovate the new devices and improved for this segment of place of software. With the growing number of products available on the market it becomes often difficult that the nontechnical decision makers judge the features of web survey software, which are necessary and which are not. While there are Web sites which provide examinations of survey software, it is also important to include the ramifications of the various whole of features which can be decisive in your choice of software of survey. The online survey give to professionals of sale the dynamic tools to help to measure, analyze, and raise their business. The latest survey software of Internet provides valid insights in the way in which the customers make decisions. It helps of the companies to make smarter choices about the four P’s which determine success in the market: product, price, placement, and promotion. The retailers in particular discover how the latest survey software of Internet can provide valid insights in the way in which the customers make decisions.

Customer Survey Software

According to a well-documented study, sixty-eight percent of customers who leave your company for one of its competitors because it makes you think are so indifferent to their needs and opinions. To have a positive customer experience with their products, services, employees and customer service is essential for customer retention and so it is vital to health and longevity of your business. The online customer surveys have been developed as one of the most profitable, more efficient and accurate collection of data from customer feedback. The online survey allows marketing professionals to measure levels of satisfaction of a large number of customers immediately, without the time and the incremental cost of surveys on paper or using the phone. Customer survey software manages a standard web browser and can be run relatively quickly without the costly services it, and can be deployed in large or small businesses depending on the needs. Using online survey, organizations can easily tap into existing databases of email client and incorporate in its customer surveys current customer e-mail campaigns.

Employee Survey Software

Employee surveys are an ideal way to take the pulse of employees. Today's organizations are plagued by high employee turnover. Understanding the exact needs of an employee is a very big task. Attracting and retaining talented employees has become very challenging. It is a fact that when an employee leaves an organization, he takes with him an entire system of skills, ideas and expertise, most likely a company's competitor. Each company conducts various kinds of survey, such as satisfaction survey employee attitude survey, retention survey, benefits survey, communications survey, environmental survey work, and loyalty survey. Employee surveys were found to have several advantages, such as identifying training needs, streamlining communication, reducing turnover and absenteeism, strengthening supervision and so on. The employee survey software tool provides a powerful online survey tool that can help you completely understand the mindset of its employees to ensure they are fully aware of their mission and the organizations plan and long-term strategy. Employee survey software provides them the knowledge that you care about what they think and are willing to listen to any concerns or ideas they have on their organization.

Email Survey Software

The businesses use email marketing internally and outside to produce new wire of customer, to create the identification of mark and the awakening, to improve of the reports of customer, to cross and towards high-are sold to the existing customers, improve the traffic of Web site, inform and supported customers, support events and produce sales of product. And the other method in companies with the detail is Email survey software. It manages report of customer support services and visibility of customer in sales and service for the customers’ teams. Because the strategies marketing customer-power stations adjust reports of sales with the consumers concerned, the information of Email survey offers data in real-time about the needs and wants on the market. The email survey software sends out blank surveys and receives completed ones through email. There is more saving on time, as this system rejects duplicated or forwarded mails. Emails are accepted from only those who have been selected.

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