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(Geary Group is a company that deals on digital marketing techniques and strategies.)
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'''Geary Group''' is a company that deals on digital marketing techniques and strategies. It was composed primarily by three large bodies, the Geary Interactive - in which caters digital marketing, MatrixMT - offers SEO services and Geary PMG - a lead generation firm. They all work together in providing quality services to their clients. They are known to be performance-driven and have the ability to strengthen the mode of services offered.
'''Geary Interactive'''
Is one of the divisions of the Geary Group which handles the digital marketing face in which the company provide its clients. Their services was nationally recognize and even further its goals into providing outmost service with all they got in a full performance-driven structure.
So in regards to their capabilities, here two of its capabilities they offer:
'''Strategic Planning'''
This service involves mostly on doing a comprehensive planning based on the business objective and goals. Identifying the target market and analyzing its pros and cons. It also goes to analyzing the customer's character and its day-by-day cycle. This will then results to strategic mapping of all those things being considered. There should always be a report or an update for overall progress.
'''Web Analytics'''
To do these tasks they have their in-house team to provide analytical assessment analysis on the problem. These teams are experts in terms of optimization, statistical modeling, consumer profiling as well as segmentation and targeting.
'''Geary SEO'''
So as its name suggest, it is the SEO ground for the Geary Group. It handles and facilitates is Search engine Optimization. They are considered to be the most competitive part of the group when talking about link building. They provide authoritative sites and pages that have high-quality content. They adhere to a consistent purpose and content theme. They also mind and give importance to optimize page quality. Also, those older domains that have been indexed and are already at an extended period are also given attention.
GearyPMG was founded in 1999 and was recently become GearyLSF Performance. They had set their values as being driven, ethical, progressive, partnership, accountable and caring. They are a team that is dedicated and passionate. They're a digital industry experts that works together to provide the best service to its client. GearyLSF Performance not only seek for clients satisfaction but as well as wider growth in their phase as a team wherein they works together in establishing goals for their clients. As it is now a collaboration of the GearyPMG and LSF Interactive, it offers a more comprehensive strategies and services to its client.
'''Geary Group facing a case'''
The above companies (Geary Group of companies) have been recently involved in an Estafa case when they breached their contract with Michael Turner HarvestSEO.com. Their contract was for five years with this outsourcing company and after two years, they contracted with another company. The case is still ongoing and outcome yet to be seen.

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