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Full Name

Serge Maandag


Playing around and enjoying creative approaches to problems.

Current Kit

Sony DSC-S75 Camera
Manfrotto tripod and camera head
A pair of good eyes


I'm somewhat of a dinosaur on the panotools mailing list. I joined in 2001, at which time I did not know GUIs for the panorama tools existed. Therefore I painstakingly tought myself how to optimize and stitch using script files on a msdos command line. As soon as I had discovered PtGui, I gladly paid a few bucks for it and never used the command line scripting again. Since up until today I only own a camera that does not have a decent exposure lock and I don't have a wide lens, I am well skilled in colour balancing and rubber stamping in Photoshop.


My panorama home page is This one, but I'ts 4 years old and it has not been updated since. It will be once I bought a decent kit.
To see one of my more original approaches to view a panorama, click Image:Serge_maandag_stacked_fotos.jpg.

Other Interests

3d photography. I take 2 images a few centimeters apart from each other, line them up on my computer and print them out as anaglyph images (red-blue glasses) or next to each other for parallel viewing. To line up the images I use the panorama tools optimizer. I'll add the procedure to this wiki later.