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! '''Lens'''
! '''Lens'''
! '''Focal Length'''
! '''Focal Length'''
! '''Entrance Pupil to Film Plane'''
! '''Entrance Pupil<br>to Film Plane'''
! style="background:#e0e0e0;" colspan="3" | '''Entrance Pupil to Lens mount (L2)'''
! style="background:#e0e0e0;" colspan="3" | '''Entrance Pupil<br>to Lens mount (L2)'''
! ||  ||  || colspan="3" | [[Image:EPDB-length2.jpg|Entrance Pupil Length]]<hr>Type of camera you are using.  
! ||  ||  || colspan="3" | [[Image:EPDB-length2.jpg|Entrance Pupil Length]]<hr>Type of camera you are using.  

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Rob Platt

SW developer and amateur photographer

Occassional contributor to open source SW projects:

- Enblend (multithreading, 64-bit memory addressing for >4G RAM, optimizations for CPUs with vector processing)

- Panotools (multithreading, alpha mask handling at image borders, lens chromatic aberation processing improvement)

Specialist in realtime multithreading and parallel processing

Formatting experiment

Lens Focal Length Entrance Pupil
to Film Plane
Entrance Pupil
to Lens mount (L2)
Entrance Pupil Length
Type of camera you are using.
Enter the exact lens name f FP Unknown mount Nikon F mount
Canon EF Mount
Sigma 70-300 70mm xx 83mm xx xx
Sigma 70-300 85mm xx 70mm xx xx
Sigma 70-300 100mm xx 45mm xx xx
Sigma 70-300 135mm xx -30mm xx xx
Sigma 70-300 200mm xx -30mm xx xx
<Manufacturer / Lens> <Focal Length> <Film Plane> <mount dimension>