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This tutorial was written in a few minutes, while I had done this myself a few days earlier. So it might be slightly inaccurate in some points. If you find a problem, or for example a step I forgot to describe, please report it so that I can fix this tutorial.

This tutorial will be updated with the sample images and movies in a few days. -- Done ! -- REW

Todo for the programmers: Autopano should have "time lapse stabilizing" mode. This should, given a few control points on the first image try to find the same points on the other images. This should be alot faster than normal, as much less match candidates need comparing..... Or Hugin can aid by greatly reducing the number of clicks required by, in time-lapse mode, leaving the "left" control points in place when I click to the next image. And the right image can be auto-guessed, as just placing the control points in the same spot and then "auto fine-tune" should simply work!

If you add more control points than two per image-pair, the distortions of the lens might be corrected for as well. I haven't tried this yet.

This tutoral was written by . Feel free to Email me with suggestions or ways to do this easier. As this is a WIKI you could also edit this directly.