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I really appreciate your effort. But PLEASE stay with the pure wiki formatting as long as possible. Using tables might be ok in some special occasions but using them for text formatting was not intended by those who developed the wiki formatting language. Especially not with some cellspacing and width commands that make it look better. This is uneditable! If you really think and if others agree that this kind of formatting is necessary, we should find a different way to do it, maybe by introducing new formatting rules.

Smensch01 09:17, 15 Dec 2004 (EST)


I have no intentions to use them on other pages, but I wanted the home page to have a bit of a face. I agree that too much markup scares editors away, but the home page does not have to look like notepad imho. The wiki table syntax is somewhat simplistic, so I had a look on the wikipedia homepage. I stole their table syntax, which adds a few parameters. Editing in a new line is as simple as copying, pasting and editing the copied line.

Enforcing formatting rules seems like a bad idea to me. At least right now, since we don't want to scare away anyone that is willing to add content. Later on we might like to have a unified look for the wiki.

--Serge 10:52, 15 Dec 2004 (EST)


Good, maybe we can keep them on the main page. But please no other pages for now. When talking about formatting rules, I didn't think of a style guide, as you might have understood. I thought about new markup, for example in the form of

Smensch01 18:57, 15 Dec 2004 (EST)