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Image formats

Should this section also list which program transfers ICC profiles, exif tags or other meta data from input to output image files? I'm not sure if all of this (now listed) information would also fit into one table with "r/w" (or yes/no/n.a.) cells? Something like

application JPG TIFF (8 bit) TIFF (16 bit) TIFF (32 bit) PNG (8 bit) PNG (16 bit)
PTStitcher r/w r/w r/w / r/w /
PTMender r/w r/w r/w / r/w /
nona r/w r/w r/w r/w r/w /
PTGui internal stitcher r/w r/w r/w r/w r/w r/w

r: read | w: write
--Carl 08:05, 13 November 2007 (CET)