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TortoiseSVN has a tool called SubWCRev. Quoting from the help file:

SubWCRev is Windows console program which can be used to read the status of a Subversion working copy and optionally perform keyword substitution in a template file.

SubWCRev reads the Subversion status of all files in a working copy, excluding externals by default. It records the highest commit revision number found, and the commit timestamp of that revision, It also records whether there are local modifications in the working copy, or mixed update revisions.

If you want SubWCRev to perform keyword substitution, so that fields like repository revision and URL are saved to a text file, you need to supply a template file SrcVersionFile and an output file DstVersionFile which contains the substituted version of the template.

Full details can be found here

Does anyone else think it is worth the effort to be incorporated into Windows build process? This will improve "fool-profeness" of test build, as the executable will always be traceable back to the SVN revision and one of CMake config parameters can be eliminated. I'm yet not proficient enough in the current toolchain to do this myself, but eager to help in testing, etc.

--MaximTee 17:50, 16 March 2008 (CET)

1) install Visual C++ 2008 Express

The Microsoft site asks to install Silverlight first. Done. After downloading Visual C++ 200 Express (vcsetup.exe) trying to install. Setup discovers (on my machine) a previous install of Visual Studio 2008 that must be updated to SP1 before installation can proceed. Trying to fetch that SP1 - estimated download time over 20 minutes on my relatively fast ADSL line. Dedalus 17:07, 17 August 2008 (CEST)