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Why is Panorama Tools so successful ?

The method Helmut Dersch selected (computing the best position on a sphere which center is the entry pupil of the camera lens for every source image to be stitched) and the care he took to select an optimal solution for every problem this poses (this necessitates difficult to write programs and often implies heavy computations) made the resulting programs constitute a very powerful toolkit which is now used not only for every kind of panoramas and mosaics but for perspective control, multiple exposures, lighting control, astronomy, etc.

An important point was Helmut Dersch's decision to use script files to place the parameters for PToptimizer and PTstitcher: without this compact and well specified way of exchanging information, other programs which now are useful members of the family would have been much more difficult or nearly impossible to make...

Important note: I'm not a good copywriter - especially in English - just hope those ideas about Panorama Tools success could help.