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I am confused by the terms "horizontal" and "off-axial" adjustment.

It seems like they should be "horizontal" and "vertical".

And these depend on camera orientation. The distance between camera base and lens axis is "horizontal" only if the camera is in portrait orientation. In landscape, that same distance is "vertical".

Pictures should make this clear.

Perhaps it would be even more clear to refer to these offsets as "basal" and "lateral", or some such.

Is there a standard nomenclature for these things? Where is it defined?



I agree with you. Initially I had x, y and z but that would probably be just as arbitrary. I have not had the time to take pictures of the setup to show what I mean. The descriptions I had in mind are based on a portrait setup.

I am not sure if there are standard definition for it. I was not able to find it. Any help or suggestions would be helpfull.


Number of picture for 360 / Degrees between picture


Thanks for adding your measurements.

I have a question. I thought the degrees between the pictures would only be applicable to Fisheye lenses ? Does that also apply to normal lenses ? Or is the difference only noticable in Fisheye lenses, and too small have an impact on normal lenses.



-- Korffr 10:40, 22 May 2005 (EDT)

Hi Richard,

Sorry, I don't know if there is a difference between fisheye and normal lenses. For me it is more an information about the number of pictures needed for 360 degrees with enough overlap. These values are for portrait orientation. Probably we should make a third table with additional things like this then put all the informations in one table, isn't it?

--Pitdavos 11:31, 22 May 2005 (EDT)