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If you are a student willing to participate in The Google Summer of Code 2008, do as suggested below:

  • find out what ideas we have for SoC projects this year (read below);
  • make up your mind, if you want to pick one of those tasks or if you have your own idea;
  • join our community at hugin-ptx;
  • introduce yourself and tell us about your plans and wishes.

Development style

Most of the projects below are related to Hugin, and some also relate to Panotools or tlalli. Hugin is mostly written in C++, and uses the VIGRA image processing library to support different types of images (for example, 8bit, 16bit and float (HDR) images). The core functionality is implemented in a platform independent C++ library, which is used by the GUI based on wxWidgets toolkit, and the command line programs (nona, fulla). We also very much welcome contributions to Enblend/Enfuse.

The development of the projects should take place in a separate branch of the projects CVS (or SVN) repository. Communication with the mentors should usually happen through the appropriate development mailing list. All code should work on the major platforms supported (Linux, OSX, Windows).

Possible Projects

munin — interactive openGL based GUI

Possible Mentors:

  • Pablo?


Intuitive and interactive GUI, with priority in usability over available features and flexibility, based on what users should see — not on what software does internally.


  • C++
  • Qt4
  • OpenGL


how about relaxing the skills, and instead of fixing on Qt4 work on a combination of high level scripting language and widgets? Phythons + wxWidgets or Lua + wxWidgets come to my mind. Right now we have the option as both wxWidgets and Qt are in trunk, and if the student codes those widgets that require speed in OpenGL so that they integrate into such an API, any scripter can then leverage them for the fast and efficient design of GUI. Yuval 12:50, 4 March 2008 (CET)