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SPi-V (pronounced "spiffy" and is short for Shockwave Panorama Viewer) is a hardware accelerated panoramic viewing engine created by fieldOfView. The engine is build on Macromedia's Shockwave 3D. Supported input formats are cylindrical, cubic or equirectangular. It is also possible to use QTVR with the help of the PHP based QuicktimeVR parser.


  • High fidelity, antialiased graphics
  • Full screen, smooth navigation
  • Fully interactive userinterface and hotspot capabilities
  • Higly customisable branding options
  • Full, 8 bit transparency support
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows (98 and up) and Apple MacOS (9.X and OSX)

SPi-V can be used online in a webbrowser and offline integrated in a powerpoint presentation or played back inside the standalone SPi-V viewer application. There is also a SPi-V tool for Flickr available.

For its panoramic scene and virtual tour description SPi-V uses XML files with its own format.

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