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QuickTime can refer to different things:

  • A software tool for viewing and editing multimedia content such as movies and immersive panoramas
  • A file format for distributing multimedia content. QuickTime files typically have a .mov file extension. If you can't see file extensions, you may want to enable windows file extensions as you will have great difficulty editing and manipulating image files otherwise.
  • QuickTime Virtual Reality QTVR, was an extension to the QuickTime file format that embeds immersive panoramas as JPEG encoded cubic or cylindrical panoramas. This is not supported any more in current Quicktime distributions.

Apple's Quicktime, available for MacOS and Windows, has been a pioneer in VR. Quicktime is distributed at no cost and payment is only required if you want to use editing functions.

The QuickTime Player is part of MacOS X but doesn't support QTVR. The last version that did was Quicktime 7 player, which is still available from Apple but has major security risks.

Helpful links

The inclusion of QuickTime into Powerpoint is covered in the tutorial Embed QTVR into Powerpoint

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