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What are the panorama tools

The panorama tools, also known as The PanoTools where originally written by the german physics and mathematics professor Helmut Dersch. He started development in 1998 and produced some of the most professional and versatile software available to build panoramas and more. Helmut had to stop development in 2001 due to legal harrassment by a company called Ipix. In 2003 he released some ptviewer modifications. One envolved a standalone .exe version and one envolved a version that can display HDR panoramas. The most recent release from Helmut is PTViewerME, a panorama viewer for PDAs and mobile devices. The homepage of Helmut can be found here. It has no links to his older works, but some list members managed to make a copy of his old homepage before it shut down. For instance this and this site.

During the time Helmut had stopped his development, the members of his mailing-list took over development of the panorama tools. They started a sourceforge page and have fixed some bugsd and developed additional functionality since.

What software is included in the panorama tools

Quoted from Helmuts original homepage:

PanoTools is a collection of free tools for Panorama and 3D Object creation . It consists of:

PTEditor Interactive Panorama Editor.
PTPicker Java front end to panorama stitcher and other tools. It provides a graphical interface for feature point selection and position optimization.
PTStitcher Panorama stitching tool which remaps, adjusts and combines arbitrary images to panoramic views.
PTStereo Creates 3-dimensional objects from 2 stereoscopic or more images.
PTInterpolate Physically valid true view interpolator. Given two images of the same scene taken from different positions, this tool creates views from any intermediate position.
PTMorpher Morphing tool.
PTAverage Averages images to reduce noise and enhance density.
PTStripe Combines images into movie-stripes for viewing in object-viewers.
Panorama Tools plugins Photoshop and GraphicConverter plug-ins for image correction and remapping.

To make working with the panorama tools easier and to add functionality, a lot of excellent software has been written. Some freeware and some commercial. See the software page to learn more.