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PanTools is a GIMP plugin with nearly identical functionality and layout to the Photoshop Panorama Tools Plugins, it can be downloaded at the panotools sourceforge site.

GIMP is a Free Software cross-platform image manipulation program.

The GIMP plugin was originally created by Helmut Dersch and is available for both Unix and Windows platforms. Current development including help documentation and an autotools-based build system is taking place in the gimp-plugin-ng CVS module at sourceforge.

Linux installation

Download source code

You can download source code ZIP file from and decompressing or

by issuing command

hg clone panotools-gimp-plugin

which will make copy of relevant part of source code repository.


sudo make.install


Plugin works just for layers without alpha channel. Tested with GIMP 2.6.12 Some sample wokflow in Edit zenith and nadir in one go with Adjust filter article