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[[Category:Software:Platform:Mac OS X]]
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PTmender is a replacement for Helmut Dersch's PTStitcher. It is fully Open Source and it was written by Daniel M German. A multi-platform version is now included with the pano12 library available at Sourceforge.

Most useful functionality of PTStitcher has already been implemented, particularly:

  • Compatibility with existing command line and script usage
  • Colour and brightness correction
  • Multiple TIFF output
  • PSD output with layer masks
  • Flattened TIFF, JPEG and PNG output

There is also new useful functionality not available in PTStitcher:

Functionality that hasn't been implemented:

  • Support for VRML, PICT, QTVR, IVR
  • Support for other-than-rectilinear lenses such as fisheyes
  • Probably lots of other stuff

Reference: research papers