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given two images of the same scene taken from different viewpoints, this tool creates any intermediate view.

It is not just a morpher, but a tool to create physically real intermediate views between images of the same scene taken from different viewpoints. This includes facilities to handle occlusions and create movies.

Basic Steps:

Download example project

Start 'PTPicker', and open the file 'Project_interpolate' from the File menu. Alternatively, you can drop it onto PTPickers icon. In the menu 'Images' you will find a list of 2 images belonging to this project. You can open images from the list for viewing and setting control points, or triangles. For now, leave the images and points unchanged, since these have already been set.

Open the 'Project' menu and select 'Interpolate' in the 'Project' menu. You will be asked for a name of the result files. Choose a new separate folder since many images will be created. After clicking ok, PTInterpolate creates 20 frames which interpolating the two images. You can create a linear Quicktime movie from these frames using Apples free utility 'ConvertToMovie'.

current version of PTInterpolate is 2001/12/02 provided by Helmut Dersch with his last distribution of PanoTools bundle.