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[http://adrien.bphoto.free.fr/adrien/pages/astuces/ptgui_panorama_tools/1_ptgui_astuces_frame.htm Faire  
[http://adrien.bphoto.free.fr/adrien/pages/astuces/ptgui_panorama_tools/1_ptgui_astuces_frame.htm Faire  
un Panorama avec PTgui] - Adrien Bonnat
un Panorama avec PTgui] - Adrien Bonnat

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PTGui Homepage

A clean and widely used GUI for the panotools under Windows. Shareware. (30 days trial, 49 EUR).

User Comments

I've been using PTGUI for about a year now and I am very happy with it. In combination with Autopano and Enblend it makes for an almost care-free system that allow me to concentrate on the photography rather than on the computing. The user interface is intuitive although I miss the possibility to zoom on a section of the panorama and do micropositioning (keys to move images by one pixel in the four directions, rotate left or right by a degree, "shrink or expand" an image). Maybe a feature for future versions?

Yuval 17:33, 6 Dec 2004 (EST)





How to use Panorama Tools to produce a printable panorama (John Houghton)

How to straighten horizons and correct verticals - John Houghton

Correction of image distortion and perspective using Panorama Tools and PTgui - Philo

Ultra-High Resolution Digital Mosaics (pdf) - J. Brian Caldwell, Ph.D.

Stitching Panoramas with PTGUI and Panorama Tools (PTGui 0.15) - Lutz Kretzschmar

Correcting lens distortion with Straight Line control points and PTGui - Erik Krause


Panoramen erstellen mit PanoTools und PTGui - Bernhard Vogl

Entzerrung und die unverstandene Horizontlinie - Bernhard Vogl

360 Grad-Panoramen - Bernhard Vogl

Verzeichnung und Farbfehler korrigieren mit PanoTools und PTGui - Erik Krause


[http://adrien.bphoto.free.fr/adrien/pages/astuces/ptgui_panorama_tools/1_ptgui_astuces_frame.htm Faire un Panorama avec PTgui] - Adrien Bonnat