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== Stitching Software ==
== Stitching Software ==
There are two [[Panorama Tools]] front-end applications available for OS X, these are [[Hugin]] (Open Source) and [[PTMac]] (shareware).
There are two [[Panorama Tools]] front-end applications available for OS X, these are [[Hugin]] (Open Source) and [[PTGui]] (shareware).
== Helper ==
== Helper ==

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Basic Library

The original library on Mac Classic is the pano12.lib which was placed in the System extensions folder. This library hasn't been updated since version 2.6b1 and does not include the fast transformation or multi processor support. The OS X version supplied by Kekus Digital to run with PTMac is called PanoTools.bundle and has many updates including fast transform by default, multi-processor support, improved optimizer (including Altivec optimizations), etc.

The current version of Panorama Tools on Sourceforge builds on OS X and is basically the same as the version supplied by Kekus Digital, this provides the main library (the libpano12.dylib file), PTOptimizer and panoinfo.

Stitching Software

There are two Panorama Tools front-end applications available for OS X, these are Hugin (Open Source) and PTGui (shareware).


clens, autopano-sift, PTOptimizer, nona, nona_gui, Enblend and panoglview are all available for OS X as part of the Hugin bundle.

Quicktime VR conversion tools

There are two tools for converting equirectangular images into cubic Quicktime VR .mov files:

CubicConverter from ClickHere Design is Mac OSX-native and offers a variety of tools for conversion, editing of cube faces, setting various QuickTimeVR viewing and compression parameters.

MakeCubic is a Classic application provided free by Apple for basic conversion of equirectangular sources to QuicktimeVR cubic movies. MakeCubic is available on Apple's Quicktime developers tools page.



  • PTLens free lens distortion correction.


Plugins for the Gimp

The Gimp is a sophisticated image editor similar to Photoshop.

There are several panoramic photography related gimp plugins that can be used to manipulate panoramas.


See also Panorama Viewers.

Non-Panoramic use

PTShift chromatic aberration correction

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