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Qtpfsgui is an open source graphical user interface for Pfstools that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.

Supported HDR formats:

  • OpenEXR (extension: exr)
  • Radiance RGBE (extension: hdr)
  • TIFF formats: 16bit, 32bit (float) and LogLuv (extension: tiff)
  • RAW image formats (extension: various)
  • PFS native format (extension: pfs)

Supported LDR formats:

Supported features:

  • Create an HDR file from a set of images (formats: JPEG, TIFF 8bit and 16bit, RAW) of the same scene taken at different exposure setting.
  • Save and load HDR images.
  • Rotate and resize HDR images.
  • Tonemap HDR images.
  • Copy exif data between sets of images.

Compiling from sources

ubuntu Linux


# sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev libexiv2-dev fftw3-dev openexr pkg-config build-essential libtiff-dev libopenexr-dev subversion

Get the source, either the last release

# wget
# tar zxvf qtpfsgui-1.8.12.tar.gz
# cd qtpfsgui-1.8.12/

or the bleeding edge from the subversion repository (tested at revision 181)

# svn co qtpfsgui
# cd qtpfsgui/trunk/qtpfsgui


# qmake-qt4
# make
# sudo checkinstall



# /usr/bin/qmake
# make
# make install

External links

Official website: