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Panorama Express is one of the few Windows programs I have found that supports oneshot images out of the box, as well as spherical panoramas (It does not support partial panoramic images).

You can create a tour based on donut images from numerous lens types, including, 0-360, BeHere, Kaidan, Remote Reality, and more. Your tour can also be based on spherical panoramas � but not a mixture of both.

Tour creation is fast and easy, and the linking mechanism is unique. I found the program to be a little buggy in the placement of text (often not on the pointer, but off in left field) on donut based tours, but flawless on spherical images.

The program can automatically create a collection of tour types for you (pretty unique feature). One click gets you java, activeX, and an e-mail package (a Windows only EXE). The packages are created in a couple of formats, including "multiview".

Panorama Express supports maps, compass, internal linking and more.

See a sample tour here (took about 45 minutes to create).

Panorama Express has been in version 1 for quite a while, so has some bugs to contend with. 02:46, 30 Oct 2005 (EST)