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Hugin_stitch_project stitches a Hugin project file. It provides an GUI interface to select the project file and to select the output folder and output prefix. The project file and the output folder/prefix can also be specified on the command line

   hugin_stitch_project --output=path/to/output/prefix project.pto

If you don't need the project file after stitching it can be deleted automatic at the end of the stitching with the switch --delete.

Hugin_stitch_project checks for the existence of the generated files and ask for confirmation for overwriting these files. This confirmation can be suppressed by supplying the switch /w or --overwrite on the command line.

If you want to stitch from the command line without a GUI you can use the following command:

    hugin_executor --prefix=prefix project.pto

Hugin_stitch_project and Hugin_executor makes use of specified alternative programs for enblend and enfuse and their default command line switches as specified in Hugin Preferences.