Hugin Keyboard shortcuts

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General shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available anywhere in hugin:

  • Ctrl-N, discard the current project and start a new empty project.
  • Ctrl-O, open an existing hugin, PTGUI, PTAssembler, autopano or autopano-sift project file.
  • Ctrl-S, save the current project as a hugin pto file.
  • Ctrl-Q, quit hugin.
  • Ctrl-Z, undoes the most recent change to the current project.
  • Ctrl-R, redoes an undo.
  • Ctrl-T, re-optimises the current project. This has exactly the same effect as clicking Optimize Now! in the hugin Optimizer tab.
  • Ctrl-P, shows the hugin Preview window.
  • <F1>, opens the hugin manual.
  • <F3>, shows the hugin Control Points table.
  • <F11>, toggles Full Screen mode.
  • Shift-<F1>, Shift-<F2>,...Shift-<F9> switches between the tabs in the main window.
  • Ctrl-Tab, Ctrl-Shift-Tab, jumps from tab to tab to the right and to the left in the main window (if frontmost).

Additional shortcuts

In addition to this there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available only in the hugin Control Points tab.