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These are instructions to build hugin and the whole set of helper applications required from CVS/SVN.

These instructions are work in progress. They're testet on x86 only (though amd64 should work just fine). (Maybe ppc as well. If you try on ppc, please tell me if it works or not.)

If anything does not work: Bugs

Setting up the overlay

If you've never worked with a overlay, please read to get an idea of what we're doing here.

The next steps are:

  • Download the tarball for the overlay.
  • Unpack the tarball.
  • Tell portage about the overlay.

First sudo, so you have sufficient permissions:

sudo -s
(enter your password)

Download the tarball:


Create an overlay directory: (if you already have one, you can leave this out)

mkdir /usr/portage/local/

Unpack the overlay tarball:

tar xjf hugin_overlay-0.1.tar.bz2 -C /usr/portage/local/

Add the overlay to your overlay list:

vim /etc/make.conf



to the list in PORTDIR_OVERLAY (space separated).

If there is no PORTDIR_OVERLAY defined, just put the line


in there.

Save and exit.


The versions in the overlay are masked as unstable. You'll have to unmask them:

Open /etc/portage/package.keywords (if it doesn't exist, create it) and add the following lines:

=media-gfx/hugin-9999 ~x86
=media-gfx/enblend-9999 ~x86
=media-libs/libpano13-9999 ~x86
=media-gfx/autopano-sift-c-9999 ~x86


Now the fun part! Run

emerge -av hugin

If you have libpano12 installed, you'll run in into a blocker warning. Please unmerge libpano12 (you'll get libpano13 for it ;) ):

emerge --unmerge libpano12


Please DO NOT report bugs to Gentoo's bugzilla. Instead, send a message to the hugin-ptx mailing list, or contact me directly.