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Batch Stitcher is a component of hugin that provides functionality to stitch multiple projects in a batch queue. Its goal is to make stitching of multiple projects faster. The process of stitching multiple projects is simplified using a queue of projects. User can add/edit/delete projects in the queue.

Hugin Batch Stitcher consists of a list of projects. Projects in the list are ordered in sequential order. By default, the list is reinstated every time you open the application. What is more, entire queue of projects can be saved and reopened later using buttons Clear Batch, Open Batch, Save Batch.

Flag options

Batch process is also influenced by the following check boxes:

  • parallel execution: Execute stitching of projects in the list parallel rather than in sequential order. Check this only if you are certain your computer is up for the task of stitching multiple projects at the same time.
  • delete .pto files: After stitching of each projects ends, Batch Stitcher will delete the project file of the currently processed project. Be careful, deleted files are lost!
  • overwrite always: Always(for each project) overwrite output filename if it exists. Otherwise, you will get a dialog box whether you want to overwrite files or not.
  • Shutdown when done: Turn off computer when batch process ends.


Hugin clear batch.png Clear batch

Removes all projects from the list.

Hugin open batch.png Open batch

Open a batch file with a list of projects that was saved earlier.

Hugin save batch.png Save batch

Save current list of projects to a file. File can later be opened using the Open batch button

Hugin start batch.png Start

Starts the batch process and stitches all projects in the queue.

Hugin skip batch.png Skip

Stops stitching of current project in batch process and starts stitching next project in the queue. This button is inactive when batch process is not running.

Hugin pause batch.png Pause

Pauses the current batch process. In order to continue the process press the Start button. This button is inactive when batch process is not running.

Hugin cancel batch.png Cancel

Stops batch execution. This button is active only when batch process is running.

Hugin add project.png Add project

Adds projects to the list. A file browser appears where users can select one or multiple .pto or .pts files.

Hugin remove project.png Remove project

Removes selected project from the list.

Hugin folder search.png Folder search

Recursively searches given folder for project files and appends them to project list.