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= User interface =
= User interface =
* [[Hugin Main window]]
* [[Hugin Assistant tab]]
* [[Hugin Assistant tab]]
* [[Hugin Images tab]]
* [[Hugin Images tab]]

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Hugin is an opensource graphical user interface (GUI) for Panorama tools.

Like other GUI front-ends, hugin provides an easy to use unified point-and-click interface to a whole range of other command-line tools including:

But the Hugin project's mission is not only to provide a powerful GUI, but also to provide opensource replacements for the closed source parts of Panorama tools, especially PTStitcher. A PTStitcher replacement, called nona has been developed and supports the most important features of PTStitcher.

It is possible to use increased tonal range data in a 16bit workflow with hugin or work entirely with high dynamic range images such as floating-point TIFF from start to finish in a HDR workflow with hugin.

User interface

Hugin components

The following tools are part of the hugin suite:

More information, documentation and tutorials are available on the project website.


Supported Operating Systems