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== Links ==
== Links ==
[[File:Syborgstudios.png|200px|thumb|left|Syborg Studios Logo]]
[http://www.syborgstudios.com SYBORG STUDIOS ]
[http://www.syborgstudios.com SYBORG STUDIOS ]

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Syborg Rooms is an interactive panorama viewer based on adobe flash and papervision 3d by SYBORG STUDIOS .

It connects several panoramas with each other. It can integrate videos, images and texts into the panorama and offers an overview over the implemented panoramas.

The professional version offers a search option, background sounds, a videochat option and can even connect to different versions without reloading the plugin.

Rooms are build with Syborg Architect. It's an easy to use graphical interface to build the application.

Video Tutorial

Syborg Studios has produced a video tutorial how to install rooms/architect within a view minutes and set up the first panorama visualization.

It can be found at the official SyborgStudios Channel at YouTube


Tübingen, Germany

Stuttgart Central Station, Germany


Syborg Rooms Free - comes with Syborg Archtect, free of charge, restricted to 3 panoramas, small watermark

Syborg Rooms Professional - comes with Syborg Archtect, 150 € full capabilities