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The following organizations and users support the Open Source developers in their efforts to become a mentoring organization for Google's Summer of Code 2007:



  • Yuval Levy, Québec, Canada, photographer [1]
  • Bruno Postle, UK. Designer/engineer, user of panotools and hugin. Panotools wiki contributor [2].
  • Roger Williams, Japan. Photographer [3], user of panotools.
  • Jeffrey Martin, Czech Republic. Photographer, user of panotools and hugin. [4]
  • Ken Turkowski, United States, scientist and developer of panorama software, including QuickTime VR and DeFish. [5], [6]
  • Mark Fink, United States, photographer [7], Universal pano head developer [8]
  • Toni Garbasso, Roma, Italy, photographer [9]
  • Pip Price, Photographer, UK, [10], creator of Peak District View [11]
  • Claudio Lanconelli, Ravenna, Italy, photographer, user of hugin [12]
  • Jim Watters, Canada, Photographer [13] and software developer and contributer to panotools
  • Luis Roberto De León, Monterrey, Mexico. photographer and multimedia creator (www.solucionesvisuales.com)
  • Milko Amorth, Vancouver, Canada, VR Photography [14]
  • Pierre Converset, Séné, France, peintre et photographe.
  • Geoffrey Morelle, Tourcoing, France, Photographer [15]
  • John J Housser, Canada, VR Photographer [16], User of panotools and hugin in panoramic photography workshops using open-source software [17]
  • Waleed Nassar, Cairo, Egypt, VR Photographer [18]
  • Jérôme Muffat-Méridol, Paris, France, Photographer [19]
  • Luca Zampieri, Roma, Italy, photographer [20]
  • Uri Cogan, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, Artist [21]
  • Vincent Massy, Grimentz, Suisse, utilisateur panotools
  • Sebastian Nowozin, Germany. Author of autopano-sift [22]
  • Eric Verdier, Zacatecas, Mexico, architecte photographer,[23]
  • Eduardo Hutter, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Panotools user
  • J.D. Smith, United States, Astronomer and developer/user of Hugin/panotools and related imaging toolsets (e.g. Multi-Layer TIFF editing with the Gimp, [24], [25])