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PanoSalado is an open source Flash based player/viewer for cubic, equirectangular (spherical), cylindrical and QTVR panoramas. Note that PanoSalado is replaced by PanoSalado2 (below, in News section).

PanoSalado supports 2D & 3D hotspots, audio, video, and being extended via XML or directly via Actionscript (AS3). PanoSalado is based upon a (modified) Papervision3D core, and like Papervision is open source.

PanoSalado was begun in 2007 & formally announced in April of 2008. It was a collaborative effort of Zephyr Renner and Patrick Cheatham. In late 2008 Michael J. Rondinelli (EyeSee360) became an official contributor.

PanoSalado can be used online in a Web browser, and offline in a standalone Flash Projector or as incorporated into an AIR application. Included in PanoSalado's source downloads are Flex examples for interface development.


Announced in November 2009, PanoSalado2 is the Flash 10 based next-version of PanoSalado. This is a complete rewrite, and is not reliant on Papervision. Out of the box, PanoSalado2 supports display of multiresolution, tiled panoramas. The VW Player branch in PanoSalado2 handles playback of panoramic video in common projections. Michael Rondinelli of EyeSee360 has made contributions to the project specifically intended for panoramic video content.

The IVRPA currently hosts the open source repository for PanoSalado2 (along with Aldo Hoeben's CuTy).

In September 2010 PanoSalado2 was forked by Marek Standio, and development is continued as an independent project - SaladoPlayer. SaladoPlayer features configuration via xml files and additional modules, along with a module api. There is also available early release of GUI for tools provided with PanoSalado 2/SaladoPlayer - SaladoConverter.

Frank Dürr has also extended PanoSalado2, to include support for cylindrical panoramas and a compiled ready-to-use .swf component.

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