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Editing this Wiki

I am interested contributing topic XYZ to the wiki. How do I know if somebody is already working on it?

Enter XYZ in the "search" box on the left. Try also searching for partial words or synonyms.

I have not found XYZ in the wiki. How can I add a page about XYZ?

Start from the "Main Page". Click yourself to an appropriate page in the framework where you think your topic fits. If it fits many pages, just choose one to start with. Click on the "edit" link on top of the page. On the editing form set your cursor to the point where you want to add the link and type [[XYZ]].

Click on "preview" to see that the changes are as intended and click on "save" to save your editing. If page XYZ does not exist, you will see the link to XYZ in red color. Click on the red link to edit the new page.

Please choose the proper category and sign your Article with the signature button Button sig.png of the editor window - especially if it contains your opinion.

A page XYZ already exists but it is about something different.

Use a different page name and link to it with an appropriate title by adding a link [[page name|link title]].

Topic XYZ is in the wiki but is not linked to from a related page in the framework.

Edit that page and add a link.

How do I know if page XYZ is linked from all relevant pages of the wiki?

In the "toolbox" on the left click on "What links here". If you find that a page in the framework that is not linking to XYZ should do so, navigate to that page and add a link as you deem appropriate.

Please note, that category or namespace based lists do not show up in "What links here", hence when a page is properly categorized it shows up in those lists.

No page in the framework is appropriate for XYZ.

Before adding to the framework at the higher level, think harder if there is not a place where topic XYZ could fit. If there is not even a partial fit and topic XYZ is related to the panotools, edit the framework itself. If you need a new category please add a respective Category link to the bottom of the page and inform one of the Admins

I have found XYZ in the wiki but the information is incomplete

This is your chance! Edit page XYZ and complete the information.

Information on page XYZ conflicts with my information. Should I correct it?

Only if you are perfectly sure! Information can be ambiguous and opinions may differ, in which case it is more appropriate to add a dissenting comment rather than deleting the original one. Make sure to put your name next to your comment to facilitate clarification. As there can be more ways to do a thing, we can end up having a number of pages describing the same thing done differently.

Is the wiki for information only or can I also post opinions and judgements?

Opinions and judgements are very welcome. Due to their nature it is important to observe a few simple rules. When expressing your opinion, make it clear that it is your opinion and that dissenting opinions are accepted. Express them with respect, especially when criticizing somebody else. If you are not sure whether your posting could be offending, ask somebody to read it for you before you post.

Please use the discussion page which is associated with every content page if possible (i.e. if you want to talk about the page).

In any case sign your opinion. You can press the signature button Button sig.png on the edit page to do so.

Is there a template or some kind of formatting standards?

KISS - the keep it simple standard. There is no template and you can format information as you see fit. The wiki can take some HTML. Please use it sparingly as not everybody is an HTML wizard. Use the formating options offered by the wiki. Please do not format colors and fonts, use only basic emphasizing from the wiki simple formating toolbar. (For special media see next paragraph)

Can I have panoramas displayed other than flat image?

Yes, you can. Currently Quicktime, PTViewer, DevalVR and SPi-V are supported. See Help:Pano-Tag for details.

What's the best way to learn how to use MediaWiki?

Use it! When you see a page that you like, click on the "edit" link on top to learn its anatomy. It is intuitive and you can just copy the features you want into your own page. As long as you do not click on "save", no changes will be recorded so there is nothing that can go wrong if you click on "edit".

How can I link to a paragraph headline in an article?

Use anchor notation: [[Article#Headline|headline]] will jump to the Headline in the Article.

How can I link to an entry in the glossary?

You can't link to an entry in the list. However, you can link to a letter like f.e. [[Ptglossary#E|Entrance Pupil]]. Or you can link to one of the pages where glossary items are defined. Due to the use of the Glossary template (see Talk:Glossary for details) there always is a page per entry where a longer definition should be found.

Where can I find more documentation on how to use a wiki?

First browse the Help pages available in this wiki.

If you don't find anything there please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help. The wiki markup