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Hardware is the term used for the physical aspects of a computer � such as keyboards, monitors, etc. The emergence of broadband however, introduced many new items into the computing sector, from modems to routers. Hardware systems products sales fell by 23 per cent, to $734m, and support revenues on the installed Oracle/Sun hardware base fell by 6 per cent to $587m. PC Hardware Buyer's Guide May 2012 We're finally back with another edition of our highly sought-after PC Hardware Buyer's Guide. But hardware for Microsoft is a means to an end rather than a destination, plus there's that history with the PC makers. Cisco hardware, software and service offerings are used to create Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions that allow companies to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. Cotham Hardware sits ever so slightly awkwardly next to Naff Clothing. Surfing Hardware is an online surf shop based in the UK. We know that when you shop online, you want to find a wide range of top quality products at great prices, and you want to buy them securely and have them delivered quicky. If you have hardware for resale or buyback, then please follow this link . As independent hardware stores go, they're fairly cheap as well, with everything a good deal cheaper than you'd be able to find in B&Q or such corporate rivals. When you make a hardware purchase you may want to consider buying hardware support as well. Computing Service Hardware Support may be able to carry out repairs, some under warranty, so it is worth contacting the Service Desk to find out. However, Windows 8 hardware must support a minimum of five touch points, and many systems support 10. Account name Atlantic Hardware Ltd. If paying direct to our account please use your surname as a paying in reference . It's simply a list of hardware that we've reviewed or at least tested in our lab (we can't recommend anything we haven't) and we know works, is good value and has stood up to our testing. It's simply a list of hardware we know works, is good value and has stood up to our testing. We know that the Wii U hardware is based on AMD's RV770 line of processors - essentially the Radeon HD 4xxx cards - so we have some point of comparison with existing photography of equivalent AMD hardware. This guide to broadband hardware should put you on track. Floor to ceiling, Cotham Hardware is full to the brim with electrical and general DIY items. The IVPP can be a complete hardware solution for a broad range of real-time image/video processing applications including video encoding/decoding, surveillance, detection and recognition. Part four of the broadband hardware guide will examine what's on offer.