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What do I need to get started

A decent computer with any of the following Operating Systems: Linux, Windows or a Macintosh.

Stitching panoramas is quite CPU intensive, so having a decent computer with enough memory is sure to be in your favor. See the Hardware page for more info.

A camera

A simple camera is enough to get started. If it's not a digital one, you can scan your images or you can have your photo store digitize them and put them on compact disc. If you want better quality, more comfort or more degrees of view you can step up to a camera with a wide angle lens or even a system that shoots a full 360 degrees panorama in one go. Visit the Hardware page for more information..


There are many different software solutions to assemble panoramas these days, but we focus on the panorama tools. They are free to use (under the GPL license), very flexible and will give you the most professional results. See the software page for more info.

A scenery and some light

You'll probably manage to find such a spot on your own.

A basic understanding of the techniques

And that is not as hard as you may think. To learn some basic steps, click basic techniques